The Dos and Don’ts of Shredders for Recycling

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Paper shredders play an important role in stopping serious criminal offenses such as identity theft. Even though these machines go a long way in keeping an organization’s secrets, most companies don’t know the first thing about these machines. As a result, they have trouble managing the waste created by paper shredders.

To ensure the same never happens to our clients, we’ve compiled a definitive guide of dos and don’ts of using shredders for recycling. So, if you’re worried about the waste paper created by shredders, follow this guide closely.

DO: Get Rid of Shredded Documents

The biggest mistake that companies tend to make as far as paper shredding is concerned is that they don’t bother discarding the shredded paper. This results in a large hoard of shredded documents that could result in heavy sanctions from the government from violating eco-friendly regulations.

As such, we highly recommend discarding your shredded documents at least once a year and that too in an environmentally friendly manner. This will ensure that your offices don’t accumulate a large hoard of shredded paper and that the practices of your firm remain green.

DONT: Shred Stapled Sheets

By far the worst thing you can do to your shredders is to use them to shred stapled sheets of paper. These stapler pins are made from refined metal and can completely destroy the functionality of your shredder. The same holds true for plastic paperclips that have the potential of clogging your shredder from the inside.

Therefore, it makes much more sense to remove the stapler pins and these plastic paperclips before you discard your unwanted documents. If you stick to this advice, you’ll soon notice a significant increase in the performance of shredders.

DO:  Empty Your Shredder Bin

In order to ensure that your shredder performs as desired, you need to make sure that its bin isn’t overloaded. An overloaded shredder bin adversely affects the performance of the machine as it obstructs the flow of paper.

Therefore, if you’re tired of substandard performance from your paper shredder, make sure to empty its bin from time to time. Collect these strips of paper in a plastic bag and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner to avoid sanctions from government organizations.

DONT: Forget About the Shredder Time

Your shredder is a highly sophisticated machine that has a small yet powerful motor installed. As such, using it for hours on end can cause the motor to overheat and die out.

To ensure the same never happens to your machines, you should always keep a close check on your shredder time. Make sure that your employees don’t use the machine for hours on end as this will significantly reduce the life expectancy of your paper shredders.

DO: Buy Shredders from Reliable Resources

It goes without saying that not all paper shredders are created equally as there are subtle differences in design that could have a major say in the performance of these machines. As such, it’s of the utmost importance that you buy paper shredders from reliable sources that only house machines made by the leading brands.

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