Steel Belt Conveyor Maintenance – What You Need to Know

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At the heart of any industry, you’ll find steel belt conveyors that are tasked with taking materials from one place in the factory to another. These conveyor belts are amazing as they can transport even the heaviest of items without any problems.

That being said, conveyor belts do tend to wear out over the years. As such, it’s up to the industry owner to schedule preventive and predictive maintenance cycles at the optimum time so as to ensure that these belts can function without faltering.

Unfortunately, the internet is riddled with half-truths and urban myths as far as the maintenance of steel conveyor belts is concerned which does nothing but misguide people. We at Crigler Enterprises Inc. have decided to put an end to this cycle of misinformation once and for all. So, if you’re struggling to maintain your conveyor belts, here’s how to go about the process.

The Unchecked Accumulation of Dust and Debris:

The unchecked accumulation of dust and debris is enemy no. 1 as far as steel conveyor belts are concerned. Ask any serviceperson and they will tell you that they’ve worked on countless conveyors whose functionality was completely compromised due to the accumulation of dust and debris.

So, during the next maintenance period, ask your repair and maintenance team to remove dust and debris. We’re confident that this will increase the life of your conveyor belts.

Excessive Tension in the Belt:

Although steel conveyor belts can handle a lot of weight, they do have their limits. And, if you were to constantly subject them to weights beyond their mechanical limit, they will buckle under the pressure.

As such, it’s of the utmost importance that you never subject your conveyor belt to weight loads heavier than what they’re capable of handling of. If you’re not aware of the mechanical strength of your belt, read its instruction manual.

Watch Out for Catenary Sag:

The catenary sag section is by far the most vulnerable part of your conveyor belt. As such, it needs to be checked regularly for signs of elongation or physical deformity. Once you identify any peculiarities, get your repair team to address them promptly or you run the risk of permanently damaging your steel belt.

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