Signs You Need A New Baler

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Balers are used in recycling facilities to compress materials such as plastics, scrap paper or metals. Compressing enables easy transportation of materials throughout the facility and also to other places for usage.

Depending on the frequency of use, materials involved and the time period, a baler machine can become subjected to excessive wear and tear. Baler machine repairs can take a lot of time, which means downtime for facilities they are installed in..

However, if you experience these signs, you may need to consider replacing your baler.

Frequent Replacements Of Parts

Wear and tear is inevitable in any machinery. While seldom breakdowns are normal, however, if your baler breaks down more often and requires frequent replacements of parts, you should consider replacing it entirely.

Replacement in this situation will help you save downtime costs as repairing parts such as the cylinder and hydraulic components can take weeks.

Strange Noise From The Machinery

Excessive noise from the machinery during operation usually indicates malfunctions in its system.

You can train your baler operator to do routine inspection of the machine to find signs of wear and tear leading to excessive noise. Depending on your machine, it can need daily, weekly or monthly routine inspections.

Moreover, ensure proper cleaning of the system. Dust can act as an insulator and cause overheating of the motors and coolers.

Slow Working

Balers are fast machines that are able to compress huge quantities of materials within minutes. If you observe that your machine’s speed has degraded over time and it’s struggling to perform routine work, it can be an indication of a failing system needing replacement.

Safety Risks

Over time, your baler machine can become worn out and present safety risks to the operator and other workers. You might have sharp edges or pinch points in your machine that can result in employee injuries.

Moreover, ensure that the baler operator is trained for operating the machine. An operator that has poor or no training to operate the baler is prone to accidents and poor maintenance of the machine.

Baler Is Old

Organizations for work safety have stringent guidelines for employee safety during work operations. These guidelines are subjected to change intermittently.

If your baler is old, it may not follow the new guidelines. In this case, you’re required to replace your baler so that it meets the new safety regulations.

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