Reasons for Getting a Dust Collector System

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Owning an effective industrial facility isn’t just about increasing production and generating revenue. It’s about maintaining an effective waste collection and management system.

A dust collection system is an important component for facilities looking for efficient operations, a cleaner environment, and better safety.

For industrial facilities operating in the U.S., they need to comply with standards declared by the EPA, NFPA, and the OSHA. All of these agencies require them to maintain a certain quality of air standards.

To ensure a safer and cleaner environment, it is vital for industrialists to install a dust collection system.

All about Dust Collection System

A dust collection system is installed to maintain a cleaner industrial environment. The system uses vacuum pressure for delivering contaminated air into the filtration chamber via airtight vessels. Upon filtration, the system releases clean air into the environment.

The common categories of dust collection systems include high and low velocity systems. The type of industrial application decides the size and capacity of a dust collector system.

Why do I need a Dust Collector for my Industry?

There are multiple benefits of a dust collector system for an industry:

1. Improved Health Standards

Most manufacturing and assembly facilities involve continuous emissions of contaminants, chemical vapors, debris, and waste particles. The same air is inhaled by the workers, imposing serious health risks. These contaminants can accumulate on nearby equipment, resulting in fire hazard.

With dust collector systems, the air is purified and the health and safety risks are eliminated.

2. Improved Quality

Higher levels of environmental contamination show up in the process being perfumed in the facility itself. The gases and chemical vapors can seep into manufacturing chambers, damaging product quality.

With a dust collector system, the pollutants are safely collected and discarded, ensuring the manufacture of high quality products.

3. Efficient Machinery

Contaminated air seeps inside machinery, resulting in corrosion and malfunctioning. A machine that requires frequent maintenance burdens the facility with unnecessary costs.

With a dust collector system, the chances of corrosion and malfunctioning are minimized, resulting in a stable commercial budget.

4. Meeting Standards

Installation of a dust collector system allows compliance with the safety and health regulations declaredfor workplace safety and Indoor Air quality (IAQ). A facility that provides a poor workplace environment can be pressed with legal charges, which can damage its reputation.

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