Paper Recycling: Ways to Go Green

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Global warming has lead to a number of environmental problems. The burning of paper emits greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide. The gases absorb the heat produced by infrared radiation, slowing down its escape from the atmosphere.

The rising temperature is causing glaciers to melt. Small islands are exposed to the dangers of flooding. Droughts, floods, and smoldering heat, the climate around the globe is gradually worsening!

This requires the industries to implement eco-friendly solutions to minimize pollution. Paper recycling is one such solution for industries that want to play their part in the development of a greener environment.

Here are the many benefits of paper recycling:

1. Environmental Benefits

Paper and pulp are the third largest pollution causing agents. The U.S. is responsible for producing 12.1 trillion sheets of paper each year. The amount of paper and wood wasted by the U.S. each year is enough to heat 50,000,000 houses for 20 years!

Recycling paper can contribute significantly towards environmental development. Recycling paper saves water, electricity, and trees.

2. Economical Solution

Recycling paper allows paper to be reused, thus letting companies save on costs. The recycling industry is actively creating jobs, which is boosting the country’s economy.

3. Wildlife Preservation

Paper recycling minimizes the need for cutting down trees. This protects the natural wildlife habitats.

4. Reduces Air Pollution

The burning of waste paper emits smoke into the atmosphere. These gases damage the ozone layer and trap heat, keeping it from escaping into the atmosphere. Recycling paper minimizes the emission of greenhouse gases.

5. Lower Landfills

The U.S. is responsible for generating 200 million tons of trash each year. While 75% of this trash can be recycled, only 30% undergoes the process. The remaining trash ends up in landfills. The number of active landfills is increasing every day. These landfills serve as breeding grounds for rats, mosquitoes, and bugs. Mosquitoes are carriers of malaria and dengue. Rats carry diseases like leptospirosis and salmonella.

Recycling paper reduces the volume of waste paper, ultimately decreasing the number of landfills.

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