Packaging Consequences: Cardboard the in Wasteland!

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If the United States has a packaging favorite, it’s cardboard!

Over 85 percent of all products manufactured and sold in the country are packed in card boards, from pizzas to pizza-making machines.

These cardboard boxes keep our items safe and contamination-free.

Unfortunately, all this packaging has cardboard consequences.

Consumers and businesses throw them away after use, while some get discarded in the packaging process after initially failing to pass the quality test.

These thrown-away and discarded cardboard boxes sits in the landfills unprocessed and un recycled.

According to one estimate, the US produces more than 25 billion cardboard boxes as waste each year.

That’s a lot of cardboard!

Imagine if we recycle this cardboard waste, how many trees we can save each year. Not to mention, the money we can save in waste disposal services.

So, are you willing to start a cardboard recycling program for your business?

If you are, we will suggest you to incorporate these card board recycling tips in your program to make it better and more cost effective:

Cut out oil-stained or water-damaged areas on boxes before recycling

Oil or water-soiled card boards have no recycling market; recycling them is waste of money and energy.

Inspect your card boards for oil-stained or water damaged areas before dumping them into the recycling line. Remove soiled portions where possible. If the damage is in excess, discard the whole cardboard.

Always flatten out the card boards before processing

Before processing the card boards, flatten them out. This will make the handling, storage and transportation of cardboard waste easier.

Use balers for handling large amount of car board waste

Does your business produce cardboard waste in large quantity?

If yes, you’re better off using balers or compactors for easy handling.

There are a variety of balers and compactors available in the market, so make sure you purchase the right one for your baling needs. We will recommend using horizontal balers as they work best with cardboard and paper waste materials.

How Crigler can help you implement a robust cardboard recycling program

Crigler Enterprises Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of cardboard recycling solutions. We sell new and used cardboard recycling equipment including cardboard balers, shredders and recycling conveyor belt systems. For more details, please view our product catalogue or contact us by filling our online form.

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