Different Types of Recycling Balers

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While a baler can be crucial to effective waste management at your company, not all balers are the same. As such, choosing a baler with capabilities to suit your company’s unique needs is essential. To help you decide which type of baler is right for your company, consider this list of the different types of recycling balers.

Vertical Balers

Vertical balers are one of the most common types of balers currently on the market. Vertical balers process recyclable waste material using a downward force. They’re much smaller than most recycling balers, and they can often operate in an area with a standard eight-foot ceiling. Due to their smaller size, they’re an ideal option for companies with limited space. While their size may make them less efficient than larger balers, they’re also often much less expensive.

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal balers are also extremely popular baling options. After waste is thrown into a hopper, these balers use a ram to compress it from the side. Horizontal balers are much larger than vertical balers—they can be as large as 40 feet in length. Due to their size, they can bale a large amount of material, and they’re recommended for companies that produce over 100 tons of recyclables each month.

Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers

Auto-tie horizontal balers are like regular horizontal balers, except they also automatically tie material at the end of each bale. This feature allows the baler to be operate more easily and efficiently. For this reason, they’re often viewed as an ideal option for companies that require larger-capacity baling. Auto-tie horizontal balers are typically advised for companies with production requirements that exceed 150 tons per month.

Closed-Door Horizontal Balers

Closed-door horizontal balers are designed to create extremely dense, high-quality bales of processed materials. The exceptional density of the bales is largely due to the machinery’s closed-door design. Located at the end of the bale chamber, the closed door provides a sturdy wall for the baler to push material against, which helps compact the waste. After the waste is compacted, the bale is ejected out of the door for easy removal. Due to the wide feed-in opening, closed-door horizontal balers can accommodate a variety of materials in a wide range of sizes.

Two-Ram Balers

For companies that deal with high quantities of recyclable waste, two-ram balers are great options. A two-ram baler is essentially the same as a standard single-ram baler, except it has two rams—one for gathering and compressing material into a chamber, and one to eject and tie the bale. These balers also have a large feed opening so that more material can enter faster. Due to this efficient design, two-ram balers can handle a large quantity and variety of materials, such as plastic, cardboard, scrap metal, and textiles.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the types of balers listed above, you can find them all at Crigler. We sell a wide variety of new and used recycling balers to suit the unique needs of your company. For more information regarding our products and services, contact us today.

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