Balers: the Solution to Your Factory’s Waste Problems

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Environmental pollution has been a rising concern for the past few years. With the rapid industrialization, industrial waste has imposed a serious environmental threat.

9 million tons of plastic contaminate our oceans each year. Apart from damaging the marine life, it contaminates the food of 3.5 billion people who depend on the ocean for their food supply.

The industrial waste should be managed in such a way that it provides an environment-friendly solution. This can be achieved by using a baler for waste management.

How does a Baler Work?

The commercial waste is placed into the hopper, which directs in it into a waste chamber. Once the waste is accumulated, the baler starts crushing the waste. The material is then bundled together by wires for easy management.

There’s a wide range of materials that can be handled by a baler including paper, plastic, bottles, production waste, and drums.

Type of Baler

Balers are commonly classified as horizontal and vertical balers.

Horizontal balers apply a horizontal compressive force to perform the compressing action. The waste is then bundled and ejected from the sides. They require more flooring space and can handle large volumes of waste.

Vertical balers undergo the compressing action by applying a vertical force on the mass by means of a moving ram. They’re efficient in terms of space requirement, but if your facility handles larger volumes of waste, vertical balers aren’t right for you!

Role in Waste Management

  • Balers are estimated to reduce the industrial waste by 30%.
  • They save cost required in the management of industrial waste.
  • The materials that are left in bins have a higher chance of getting dirty. If a dirty material is placed inside the bin, it can waste the entire bin of recyclable goods. Baling process produces cleanly recycled bundles ready for the recycling process.
  • They take up lesser space as compared to a waste compactor.
  • They allow you to track your recycling activity and identify room for improvement.
  • Industries that respond appropriately to environmental safety maintain a good reputation and attain customer satisfaction.
  • Loose paper waste can be a fire hazard. Baled materials minimize such risks.
  • They provide a cost-effective waste management solution as compared to compactors.

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