Balers for Newbies: What’s the Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Balers

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Balers are indispensable components of waste management and recycling operations. They enable businesses and recycling facilities to pack large amounts of waste material into compact blocks of mass, allowing for easier waste handling, storage and transportation.

There are a variety of balers available in the market; however, almost all of them fall into one of two main categories:

  • Horizontal balers
  • Vertical balers

What’s the difference between horizontal and vertical balers?

The main difference between horizontal and vertical balers is in the way they perform the baling operation.

Horizontal balers use a horizontal compressive force to compress waste materials. The compressed waste (bale) is then tied off with metal wires and ejected from the sides of the baler.  Vertical balers, on the other hand, process waste with a vertical downward force. Waste is loaded into the equipment chamber, and the machine then compresses the mass with the help of a moving ram. The bale is tied up with baling wire and transported for storage or further processing.

Each baler configuration comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

A horizontal baler

Speaking of horizontal balers, they:

  • Offer higher processing volume
  • Produce consistent bales
  • Allow easy process integration

However, they are more expensive than vertical balers and use more floor space for installation.

A vertical baler

Just like horizontal balers, vertical balers also have some advantages to offer:

  • Vertical balers have a small footprint
  • They are inexpensive
  • You can process a variety of materials using vertical balers

The biggest downside to vertical balers is, they do not provide strong bales for materials that exhibit low elasticity when baled. Also, their height might be an issue in some settings.

Which type of baler is right for you?

There is no one answer to this question. The right selection will ultimately depend on your output volume requirements, type of material you want to bale, available floor space at your facility and the budget.

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