Baler 101: Tips to Baler Maintenance

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Among the many types of equipment used by Material Recovery Facility (MRF), balers are used to effectively manage and recycle waste. Balers provide waste management facility at a much lower rate as compared to waste compactors. They eliminate the need for manual handling and reduce the labor cost.

Balers require constant maintenance due to the presence of rotary parts like motors, pumps, and linear plates. If not maintained properly, they can result in malfunctioning and extensive durations of downtime.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain a functional and effective baler:

1. Keep it Clean

Keeping the baler clean and inspecting it on a regular basis is one way to prolong the functional life of your equipment. Consult a professional for baler inspection who is aware of the guidelines and standards for baler maintenance. Balers get heated often and dust can act as an insulator, hindering their performance. It’s recommended to clean your motors and coolers daily.

2. Keep Spare Parts

Keep spare parts in your inventory. Don’t delay until the last moment. You might end up buying the spares at a much higher cost in such critical moments. The downtime affects your production, allowing your competitors to make more money!

3. Routine Maintenance

Ensure routine maintenance of your equipment. Don’t wait for the equipment to malfunction. Routine maintenance can save the baler from breaking down.

4. Maintenance of Bale Chamber

Inspect the belt rollers and remove any material wrapped inside. If left unattended, they can create wear and tear. Inspect the bearings on rollers and plunger components. Ensure proper cleaning and lubrication of twine wrap and net wrap components.

5. Feeder Mechanisms

Ensure the guards are firm and intact. Replace the broken lines in the pickup. Inspect cam tracks and its bearings for wear and tear and ensure proper lubrication.

6. Proper Training

A tip to ensuring proper functioning of your balers is to train your employees regarding its operation, safety, and maintenance. The operator should ensure timely maintenance of the equipment.

7. Hydraulic Systems

The hydraulic parts operate under high temperature and pressure, which is why it’s important to keep them in check. Analyze the fluid usage and monitor bale weight capacity to prevent excess weight.

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