6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Baler

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The recycling industry has gained momentum in recent years. Recycling activities in the U.S. have tripled over the last 30 years. A recent survey by the EPA confirmed that the recycling industry has contributed $36 billion to the U.S. economy in a year.

Balers are ideal options for industries that are seeking reliable equipment for scrap management.

Buying a used baler is an economical solution for industries that work with tighter budgets and can’t invest in brand new equipment.

But before you consider investing in a used baler, here are a few things you should consider:

1. Material Requirement

The materials involved in your recycling process narrow down baler varieties according to your industrial requirements.

If your recycling process involves various material types like paper, cardboard, and plastic, choose a baler that can handle a variety of materials.

2. Capacity

Choose a baler that’s appropriate for your recycling capacity. Calculate the capacity of materials recycled every week at your facility and consult your vendor about the capacity of the machine.

If your industrial facility is recycling tones of materials on a weekly basis, a compact baler isn’t an appropriate choice.

3. Space Requirement

Operational footprint and ceiling height should be considered before choosing a baler for your industrial facility. If you’re short on operational footprint, a vertical baler is an appropriate choice for you.

4. Maintenance Costs

Consult the vendor about the maintenance costs and frequency of repair. Buying a used baler doesn’t require you to choose one that’s in poor working condition and would likely require a repair in the near future. Conduct a market survey regarding the availability and price of spare parts for the particular model.

5. Pricing

Your used baler should be worth the investment. Many vendors provide fully refurbished balers at affordable rates. Don’t settle for a baler that’s exposed to wear only because it’s not new. Examine the baler for wear. A minor degree of wear is acceptable, as balers are known for their robustness. However, if the wear is affecting the machine’s operating ability, ask your vendor for refurbishment.

6. Safety Considerations

Never buy a baler before asking the vendor about the equipment’s integrity and previous faults. Ask the vendor to provide you with a written report regarding its functionality.

After installation of the baler in your industrial facility, train your employees about the use of equipment. Not only does this eliminate potential risks, but it also increases the efficiency of your baler.

Crigler Enterprises Inc. provides used balers and other recycling equipment to industries seeking equipment for their waste handling needs. We provide vertical, horizontal, closed-door horizontal, full eject, and two ram balers for various operations.

Consult our certified professionals and they can help you pick a baler that best suits your recycling needs.

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