5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Baler

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Regardless of what your business entails, every company must deal with waste management. This process can be costly, time-consuming, and at times, even dangerous. If you’re looking for an easier way to deal with your company’s waste, consider these main reasons why your business should have a baler.

Balers free up space

Properly storing recyclable materials can take up a lot of room—this is a serious problem for companies who don’t have a lot of room in their buildings. Investing in a baler that compacts and stores waste can reduce the number of recycling bins you need on your property and free up much-needed space.

Increase productivity

While you may not realize it, the amount of time your employees spend storing and taking out waste can really add up. Most employers, however, would agree that they can better spend their shifts doing the jobs the company hired them for. By having a baler on-site, you can improve your team’s productivity by reducing the time they spend managing waste.

Balers help save your business money

According to Recycling Revolution, people produce around 4.4 pounds of solid waste a day on average. This amount can really add up when you have a lot of people working in one building. By using a baler to compact the waste and decrease its volume, fewer pickups are necessary to transport waste from your company. As a result, your company will save money on transportation and waste removal fees that can significantly add up over time.

Balers can make your company money

In addition to saving money, having a baler can make your company money as well. Many recycling firms will pay a premium for waste separated into recyclable/non-recyclable sectors  because it helps reduce recycling contamination. In addition, certain markets that have a high demand for baled recyclables may also pay you for your company’s waste.

Balers create a safer work environment

Baling waste creates a safer work environment in many ways. Not only does it reduce the risk of pest infestation, but it also decreases the likelihood of fires on your property because baled waste burns much slower than loose waste. In addition, it will decrease the danger of theft because employees won’t have to take trash outside which literally opens the door for thieves.

Investing in a baler can have numerous lasting impacts on the success of your business and the safety of your employees. If you’re interested in investing in a baling system for your company, Crigler has a variety of new and used baler for sale that you can choose from.

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